Primo Screen Subscription

$59.88 / month

With our Monthly Subscription, You Can Ensure a Positive Restroom Experience For Your Larger Facility or Organization.


Subscriptions include 1 box a month, and are set to auto-renew.


Each box will include 12 triple action, dual fragrance 30 day urinal screens with our patent pending monthly graphic. This unique graphic lets you know when to change the screen out in a bold and creative way- allowing for a cleaner, healthier restroom experience.


Click the photo to the left to view all designs.



Coming soon!

  • Recyclable & VOC exempt.
  • Deep bubble & bristle design for optimum splash back protection.
  • Clean, fresh fragrances to choose from.
  • Central core reduces bacteria, prevents blockages in urinals & uric salt build-up in pipes.