is a fresh new company dedicated to Improving the Restroom Experience in commercial buildings.

Our first product launch is the Primo Screen for Urinals.  This century old idea of protecting your urinal from damaging debris has grown to offer many more benefits for urinal owners. Unfortunately, too often they create more of an unsightly situation and detract from its main purpose.  The Primo Screen is designed to fit comfortably in all urinal styles and heavy enough not to float around and twist down the urinal throat.  The dated signage virtually guarantees monthly changing for maximum results and our anti-splash feature will be appreciated by user and cleaners alike.


Our founder Phil Consolino is a 50+ year veteran of the Cleaning and Maintenance industry and has experience at all levels from manufacturing, distribution and contract services.


Even though the sanitation in the built environment has improved by leaps and bounds over the last several years there remains this one last challenge.  The commercial restroom is still the most complained about space in any commercial building.  American JanSan is working on new products to help in this challenge by manufacturing common sense solutions for building owners to make sure their buildings offer the most positive restroom experience for their customers, guests, employees and students.

We are so sure you will love using our new Primo Screen for Urinals we guarantee your satisfaction or return any remainder product for a full refund.

If you love this new great product like we know you will please tell your friends.  Almost every business has a urinal that needs a PRIMO!